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Jeff Gunther is a gifted entrepreneurial leader and strategist with an uncanny ability to see, plan, and execute favourable future outcomes — and with sufficient experience to tell the truth when simple solutions just don’t exist.
Even in my early teens, it seemed clear to me that what I wanted most was to become an expert at something. Possessing comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of, or skill in, a particular area just seemed like the most direct route to finding freedom and happiness…

But I also discovered that I love continually applying myself to new challenges!

I’ve held bottom-line accountability — most often rapidly finding success — in restaurants, hotels, ski areas, sales, management training, real estate investment and development, professional practice management, dental centre development, financial services, franchising, retailing, international development, and leadership coaching.
So what happened to becoming an expert at something? Well, with each new challenge I discovered and developed shortcuts to success that enabled me to advance from novice to expert in less time. That gave me confidence to seek out greater challenges and provided me with comprehensive knowledge and skill to begin helping others do the same.

I have no undergraduate degree, but I’ve earned an MBA at the University of Ottawa and an MCS at Regent College. Both advanced academic degrees have revealed that I still have much to learn, and have helped me appreciate and model the genius in clear explanations of complicated concepts.

Simple questions sometimes lead to profound answers

Becoming an Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert

My most rewarding business relationship has been with my father and partners in co-founding and developing of a system of large customer-oriented, multi-disciplinary group dental centres. Even long after selling those centres, I still consider it a privilege to coach former partners and distinguished dentists in becoming better leaders.

My favourite investments are in real estate. Primarily focused on assets with long-term potential, I’ve been an active investor for over 35 years and continue to control a large and growing portfolio. I’ve enjoyed training thousands of people in real estate business planning, investment analysis, and the art of negotiation.

Becoming a Leader Leader Leader Leader Leader

As an inspirational speaker, I delight in disrupting the status-quo. As a business advisor, I add value by collaborating on the creation and implementation of great ideas, and by facilitating the reconciliation of relationships. As a practical philanthropist, I serve boards of non-profit organizations, counsel people in the integration of faith and work, and continue to seek out virtuous business opportunities.

I believe that freedom is the reward of discipline and that, sometimes, simple questions lead to profound answers. My greatest joy is found in the privilege of walking with others as they discover their own true value.Applying visionary leadership to virtuous service; treating people with dignity; bringing joy to those serving and being served; and ensuring sustainable growth through exemplary stewardship of resources

Freedom is the reward of discipline